Friday, December 28, 2007

We are headed to Pine Lodge

We are heading to Pine Lodge I will post pictures when I get back.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Do you want to see the worst santa picture ever????

Okay so it really isn't the worst, but I really wish Payton would have told me that she was not going to participate before I paid $$$$ to get my kids picture taken with Santa.

Thanks for coming to see me!!!

Jer and I have always lived in the boonies, so it is kind of hard for anyone to come to our house. So when we moved to Jct I thought that we would be very accessible, our only problem is that we are never home. So Megan had a Dr appointment, so Mom and Megan were going to come over on Thursday. Well on my way home from work on Wed I called Megan to see what time they were coming the next day. She says oh we are coming tonight. Ahh tonight, I then start speeding home. Luckily I had been trying to clean the night before, but there were still a few things I wanted to get done before my Mom came to my house. Plus the day before Payton had been sick, and for some reason my kids have forgotten how to use the potty, so if something wasn't pooped or peed on it was puked on. Luckily most everyone brought their own blanket and pillows, so I only had to fill in the gaps. So anyway I started defrosting chicken for dinner, but then when Mom got there she offered to take us out to dinner. So we went to Applebees. I had a steak which I had been craving! Thanks Mom! The next day I made everyone get ready and go to the mall to get my kids picture taken with Santa. That went well, Payton would not even get close to the guy, and then I took Parker to school. We spent the day shopping, and found a few things for the kids. Mostly "soft pants" for Payton, who will only wear soft pants, and this is killing her jean loving Mom. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for coming to see me, and taking me shopping it was lots of fun.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Appropriate Christmas Gifts

I have gotten Parker's teacher and teacher's aide gifts, I have gotten Parker's STEP teachers gifts, so I was thinking for his bus driver and office staff something small. I told him we should give them a bottle of Rootbeer with a tag that says have a Rootin' Tootin' Christmas. And he said yah and a "Bucking New Year!" I just didn't think that was appropriate, but it made me smile and I thought that I would post it here for you all to get a giggle, and who knows I bet our nieghbor Bryson would love it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

So I made a funny little thing today, the kids totally got a kick out of it. Jer will just die when he sees it.

Check out my Slide Show!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad Kittie

I have a bad, bad, kittie, but we can't wait to take him to Pine Lodge. We think that when he gets there he will find his calling in life. MICE!, in Pine lodge he will be able to run through the walls and attack things. Our kittie stands on the kitchen chairs and waits for you to walk by and then he attacks everyone. He is also way to smart, he knows that Payton's door doesn't latch correctly, even when you pull the door hard, the latch just doesn't click. Well the cat uses this time to attack the baby. He waits until she is asleep, then he goes in attacks her. I go in and get him out, and then he waits until she falls asleep again. Here is a movie of the naughty kittie, who Parker says isn't getting anything for Christmas.

Tonight we went to Parker's school craft night, it was very fun and the kids got to make some fun goodies. We had some good eats too, but nothing was left to take a picture of. They also had gift baskets that each class made that they were auctioning off to give the proceeds to Toys for Tots. Today Parker kept calling it Toys for Todds, and then he told me that he wished that his name was Todd. I explained that it was really Toys for Tots, and then he said "Oh!, Payton is a Tot." Oh well I tried.
Our class did a Romantic Pasta Basket, it turned out very pretty. When I went to look at it it was only at $30.00, so I bid $35.00, and just kept thinking I really didn't want that basket, I hope someone out bids me. When the bidding was over I went back to check, and luckily someone had out bid me. Thank goodness! I was very impressed with the things that were donated to make the baskets so nice.

Mom - I just wanted you to know that I finally got my kitchen counter cleaned off. I know that it took me a day longer than planned, but I didn't just move junk around I put it away, mailed it off, and filed it in the correct places.

Just a picture of my kitchen table to show that I didn't pile things on top of it. I am hopelessly lost on a Christmas Centerpiece for my table, so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

Okay so I do have to confess I do have one corner where I have piled some things that need fixed for work, folded clothing that needs to be put away, and Christmas gifts that just need a little bit more work.But look we have our stockings ready to be filled, minus the one stocking holder that is turned the wrong way. Hopefully I will make it back to Hobby Lobby to get it exchanged.

And here is my Charlie Brown tree, it is super pokie, so the kids don't touch it, but the kittie doesn't seem to mind. Our star is a little tilted to the left, but I think it just adds character, when Jer sees it he will fix it.

I don't know what setting the camera was on but the lights looked neat.

Okay so my house is clean, my kids are sleeping, because I threatened them that if they got out of bed we would not go to sit on Santa's lap tomorrow. So now I am going to bed so I have extra energy to chase my kids in the Mall.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Livin' la Vida Loca

Welcome to our crazy life. So my computer has been broken for the last two weeks, and where as I guess that I could have used Jer's computer to blog I really haven't had time. So I am going to just through some really random thoughts in here and hopefully some random pictures if I remember.

  • Had a birthday and turned 28, oh my gosh I never thought that I would get that old

  • Went to the hospital twice in one week. 1. Our friend Chelsea needed a blessing, and 2. Our very own Monkey girl got and owie, and had to get two staples in the back of her head. And to answer all of your questions Yes they do use a large stapler.

  • I finally called my friend Katie on the phone. Maybe I will get really ambition and call Amy too.

  • I had 5 perfect backups in the box truck. Did I mention that Parker thinks I am totally awesome because I drive a box truck.

  • Parker dressed up as Mr Incredible, and was so cute telling everyone that he had fake muscles.

  • I employed Jeremy at the Red Door Store and got to boss him around.

  • Dad said rude things to me so I said rude things back -- Sorry Dad

  • Made a photo DVD for Uncle Lyman, that I shared with everyone.

  • Went to school on the wrong day to help Parker's class with art.

  • Broke my computer and then I couldn't help Tonya with the announcements I promised to help with. Sorry Tonya!

  • Fell asleep in church, after working 80 hours in one week and then spending 5 hours in the ER.

  • Made the cutest Turkey ever for Parker's class snack.

  • I took Payton to the hospital all by myself to get her staples out. easy peasy lemon squeezy

  • Took the kids to spend the weekend with my Mom & Dad. THANKS MOM & DAD!

  • Jeremy and Brad worked the night shift for the Red Door Store to watch the furniture in the parking lot. THANKS BRAD & JEREMY!

  • Payton was the cutest ladybug ever!!!

  • I decorated 14 Christmas trees in one day, well I had a little help, like 14 other people.

  • I took Parker's snack on the correct day. Yay!!!! Stacy!!!!!!

  • Jeremy carved 4 beautiful pumpkins in one night, and I was even two days before Halloween.

  • Someone broke into our neighbor's house. Luckily nothing was taken, but still very scary.

  • I have cooked dinner the last 4 out of 5 nights.

  • I stepped in some sticky junk at Crescent Jct. and got it on my Mom's floor mats. Sorry Mom!

  • Download a ton of music on Jer's laptop, he was so excited.

  • Parker had a whole day of not going to the office or missing a recess. (11-16-07) Yeah!!!

  • Jer made Parker a mask for Halloween with green eyeshadow. Thanks MARY KAY! Because Parker had a mask Payton had to have one too!

  • Brad broke up with his girlfriend that I really liked. Next time I am going to keep the girl and send Brad packing.

  • Had to get a new charger for my computer, because I keep breaking them.

  • Got invited to my first game of Bunco, and had a blast.

  • Jer started working for Redd's Ranches again. I think his plans include us moving back to pine lodge. Unfortunately I am totally spoiled by garbage pick up, and natural gas line, no tank to all the sudden be empty.

  • I taught Parker's Primary class while he was at Grandma's house, and then the next week I offered to help out any time needed. (It was that bad!!!)

  • My visiting teacher came to the house and Jer was working out in the living room. At Bunco she told all the girls what big guns Jer has. Giggle, Giggle!!!

  • Went to Spring City to see my Niece get blessed.

  • Moved 88 pallets from the warehouse to the store in 3 days.

  • Went to the Manti temple with my Mom and Dad and Tori. I am still talking about how beautiful it was inside.

  • When I drove the kids to Moab, I stayed at Cassie's house talking until 1 in the morning. Thanks Cassie you make life bearable.

  • Lost two pounds, but will probably find them the week of Thanksgiving.

  • Realized that Christmas is less than two months away and I have only gotten one gift.

  • My baby sisters turned 20!

  • Payton and I helped at Parker's Halloween Party

  • My friend Karrie took me to lunch for my Birthday.

  • Daddy carved Payton a kittie pumpkin which she loved.

  • Parker called to come home sick from school, and when I got there to get him he said "Okay lets go to Sportsman Warehouse now." Oh no you don't if you come home from school you straight to bed.

Okay this is it for now. I know that I am forgetting tons. but you get the jest of the last two weeks.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

These are a hundred things about me.
How well do you know me?
1. My name is Stacy. (Hence Spacey Stacy!)
2. I have lived in Colorado & Utah
3. I have 1 daughter (3) and 1 son (5 1/2).
4. I have one brother, and 4 sisters.
5. I wish I lived closer to the cabin.
6. I love animals.
7. I love watermelon.
8. I hate ketsup left on the plate after dinner, eww!
9. I have to put lotion on my feet before I can go to sleep.
10. I prefer dogs to cats.
11. I like too many colors too much to commit to one favorite. Today it is chocolate brown.
12. The farthest East I have been is Nauvoo, IL
13. The farthest West I have been is Pacific Ocean.
14. The farthest North I have been is Yellowstone National Park.
15. The farthest South I have been is Rocky Point, Mexico
16. When I grew up, I wanted to be a business woman.
17. I became a mom at 22.
18. I became a wife at 19.
19. I worry.
20. I sometimes eat bread and gravy.
21. I hate the smell of skunk.
22. I am terrified of something happening to my family.
23. I love paper.
24. I hate the crinkle of Popsicle wrappers, and sometimes have to call Jer in to get him unwrap them for the kids.
25. I swallow watermelon seeds.
26. I am stubborn.
27. I have a crush on Jer when he changes his facial hair.
28. I love the smell of bread baking at my Mom's house.
29. I often have very vivid entertaining dreams.
30. I used to play the violin.
31. I'm a tactile person -- I like to touch things when I'm shopping. Especially fabric.
32. I am not a touchy person with other people, though; Jer can tell when I'm not feeling well because I snuggle with him.
33. I don't like clams, when my Mom makes clam chowder I pick out the clams.
34. I love hot showers and baths.
35. I need alone time every day to stay sane.
36. I hate the division of fish and wildlife more than anything, but don't ask me about I will come unglued.
37. I love gerber daisies.
38. Farm animals make me happy.
39. My favorite band is Western Underground, and Chris LeDoux.
40. I can't stand being sticky.
41. Mimes freak me out.
42. I love ribbon.
43. I love taking pictures.
44. I have been a member of the LDS church my whole life.
45. I like to chew ice.
46. Jer and I both miss living in Moab.
47. I can drive a stick shift.
48. I don't tan (I use to but it just doesn't work anymore).
49. I'm allergic to horses, and hay.
50. I love my job!, and most of the people that I work with.
51. I can't grow anything.
52. I like to water ski.
53. I love books.
54. Children of Promise by Dean Hughes is my favorite book.
55. I hate the smell of diesel.
56. I love tulips.
57. I love cilantro.
58. I don't do old people.
59. The sensation of falling really freaks me out.
60. I don't like bugs, except for ladybugs.
61. I have never seen Star Wars (any of them).
62. I love containers.
63. I get nervous when my husband says "so about this job".
64. I love catalogs.
65. I don't understand smoking.
66. I like driving at night so I can sing really loud with the music and nobody can see me.
67. I hate having flies in the house.
68. I also fantasize about having a different living room set for every month.
69. It's hard for me to stay on top of the papers my kids bring home and the amount of junk mail we receive.
70. I am a ward missionary in my ward.
72. Winter is my least favorite season - the other 3 are tied for 1st.
73. I love to vacuum.
74. I love to laugh until no sound comes out.
75. I organize my shirts in my closet by sleeve length. Short Sleeves, Polo's, striped Polo's. 3/4 length, Button up shirts, and turtlenecks.
76. I have kissed a horse on the nose.
77. I love going to new places.
78. I was terrified about being awake during my second c-sec.
79. I'm way more silly than I initially give away.
80. I am the worst at spelling, well second to Jer.
81. I am a really outgoing person, but I have a really hard time meeting new people.
82. I love poems Shell Silverstone.
83. I love to practice random acts of kindness.
84. I loved to play school when I was a kid.
85. I'm usually cold.
86. My kids sleep in!, how lucky am I?
87. I always have a song in my head.
88. I am annoyed by noise.
89. I think the water at my parent house is the best ever.
90. Charley is my favorite movie.
91. I've needed glasses/contacts since I was 16, I don't really wear them though.
92. I love to make the same recipes over and over again.
93. I still have the same best friend since high school.
94. Jer & I are high school sweethearts.
95. I only like marshmallows in the form of smores.
96. I think the ocean is a happy place to be -- even my cold ocean.
97. I have a hard time letting go and forgiving myself.
98. My friends are a very important part of my life.
99. I don't like jazzy musical type music -- like scat singing.
100. I love Valentines Day (the pink & red, and hearts and xoxo).

Friday, October 19, 2007

TGIF +Happy Birthday Nathan

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

So this week has been a rough one, they usually are when Jer is working nights. I am actually excited that Jer is doing two weeks on, so we only have to do nights every other month. Brad is now working on the same rig as Jer, and even though I had a wacky dream about it I think it will be a good idea. Plus that puts Sheena and I as rig widows together, and we can help each other out with babysitting.

The kids picking out Daddy's Green Pumpkin!

This Wednesday we went to the Pumpkin Patch to get our very own perfect pumpkins. So I let Parker and Payton pick out there own pumpkins while I took pictures. Payton picked hers out first, and I loaded it in the car. Parker picked out his and I loaded it into the car. I knew that I wanted a tall skinny one, so I picked out mine, while the kids picked out one for Jer. Payton wanted to get Daddy a Green one, but Parker wasn't so sure, But she did a good job of talking him into it. So I loaded all the pumpkins in the car, and didn't even notice until we got them home that they all look alike, except Jer's which is green. After picking out our pumpkins we walked through the corn maze. Parker and Payton are such worriers that this was not much fun, and this was durring the daylight hours, I can't imagine taking them through a corn maze at night. Parker carried the camera through the corn maze, and took some very interesting pictues, I will post them at a later date.
Parker took this picture of Payton and I, as you can see it was quite a blustery day!

This picture was taken by Payton, this was the only picture out of 5 that Parker and I were actually in.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perfect Quote!!!!

I am working on baby announcements for Nathan and Tonya and did a Google search for baby quotes and I have found some really great quotes.
This one is perfect for our lives right now:
“A two-year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it.”
Jerry Seinfeld

Another quote that fits our life is: "A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase"
Anonymous quotes
What they forgot to add on this one is that this is when the horns start to appear.

Our Holyoak Family Tradition!

Nathan is still the bully pushing the twins out of the way so that he could blow the candles out!!!

The only kid in our family special enough to have their own birthday month is Tori. September is her month, but the rest of the kids share October. Kind of funny, Nathan was overdue but born on Grandpa Glen Holyoak's B-Day. Stacy was right on time, coming one year and six days after Nathan arrived (poor Mom!) Then seven years later Mom and Dad ended with a bang having two at a time, five weeks early. So now that we are big kids it is fun to celebrate together. Tori was at a friends wedding, so we missed her this year. Like she said "I had to choose between two good things, and the temple won."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I just have two questions.

One for Parker "Why would you cut your sisters hair?", and one for Payton "Why would you let your brother cut your hair? The answer to question number one: "Because she asked me to." The answer to question number two "I wanted my hair to be shorter than my brothers." If this doesn't explain it here is a picture, Because a picture is worth a thousand words. In my case swear words!!!

This is my friend Karrie trying to fix Payton's hair. She isn't a hair dresser, but I think she did an amazing job with what she had to work with.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jer the rescuer

Jer saw three bears when he went to save Levi. (Look how fat they look! Does that mean it is going to be a cold winter?)
When we first moved to G.J. it felt like life was falling apart. It didn't matter what we did it felt like we were never going to dig out of the problems that we were having. Jer and I both had a big slice of humble pie. Jer and I really started to like that new country song by Tracy Lawrence, "Find Out Who Your Friends Are!" It seemed like our friends and family were taking care of us. I just want to say a big fat THANKS, and that brings me to what Jer and I have been up to lately. Jer is working for Patterson drilling. He really likes getting his hands dirty, and working hard. He works for 2 wks. on, and then has 2 wks. off. I don't know which weeks he works harder. The last two weeks he had off he and Payton went up to the cabin to help put the ceiling up. Parker and I would join them on Friday night. Friday Parker and drove up to the cabin, and near the Gold Basin turn off I saw the biggest Bull Elk I have ever seen. Of course Parker and could not find the camera, and it was too dark for a good photo anyway. So we were just content to watch it until it walked into the trees. We got to the cabin about 8 pm with no problems, but Uncle Stan & Aunt Sandy came up a couple of hours later, and the wind had blow two separate trees across the road.
Jer and Dad Nailing up the shiplap.

On Saturday we helped put up the shiplap (sp?) on the ceiling upstairs in the cabin. In the afternoon Lyman, and Stan came to the cabin, and Lyman was pretty frazzled, and I would be too if I had just tipped my backhoe over in a hole. My parents took the kids to their house on Saturday night, and Jer and I stayed at the cabin, and Sunday morning we went to see if we could help Lyman get his backhoe out, well actually I just went to make fun of him, and take some great pics of Nations Towing getting the backhoe unstuck. It was actually frozen to the ground. I went down to watch Conf. at my parents house, and left Jer to help Lyman, gather Uncle Dale's horses and bring his horse trailer down, fix the Holyoak Ranches sign, Winterize the cabin so the water wouldn't freeze, and bring Dad's 4wheeler down. Well he got all of them done except the sign, even delivering Uncle Dale's hoses. He stayed and helped Lyman fix the tire on the backhoe. On the way off of the mountain they found Uncle Paul who had bounced his spare tire out of the back of his truck and run it over, so they took that tire to Moab to get it fixed for him. Jer got home late on Monday, and was barely getting caught up on his sleep when on Wednesday his Dad called at 4:00 am to tell him that Cassie had been looking for Levi since 11 pm the night before. Jer drove to the Mountain again and found Levi right off. His truck had broken down on San Juan Lumber, and he had walked to Redd's Hunting camp and spent the night. Jer then spent the day helping Levi fix his truck. We were going to take family photos that night, but Jer didn't make it, in the previous post you will see the best I could do on my own. When Jer got home he started packing so that we could go back to the cabin to help with the ceiling again. I finished all of the Christmas boxes that I was working on, so we were able to leave on Thursday instead of making Jer wait until Friday. When we got to Moab we left the kids with my Mom and went to town, on the way home we saw Uncle Paul unloading his truck at the store so we stopped to help. Mirah and Paul had gone to the IFA show, and Mirah had won a ton and a half of bird seed lucky girl. After helping unload they started talking about the next day when the would be gathering their cows. I volunteered Jer to go, and then all the way to my parents house he complained that he didn't have his good saddle or chaps or spurs, etc... Any way I said "do you want me to call Uncle Paul and tell him you don't want to go?" and Jer told me no. So I told him to suck it up and go ride and be happy about it. So he went and got to the cabin about midnight Friday night, and bringing Megan, Lindsay, and their old roommate Kim, and another friend Jerry. Jer then told me he had spent the day helping Uncle Dale, and he ripped his pants going through the oak brush. We got some sleep, and then Saturday we spent the day putting up the ceiling in the cabin. Oh I have to put in that while we were working Uncle Lyman had to come to the cabin to ask my Dad to pull his truck out of the hole he created with his backhoe. When it was finally time to go home from the cabin Dad's truck wouldn't start because my Mom had accidentally left the key on. When they did jump start the truck it was vibrating like crazy, because his harmonic balancer had broken. Anyway it was snowing on the mountain, and he didn't want to leave his truck up there. So Jer hooked on to him and started pulling his truck down off the mountain. It didn't have brakes, power steering, or lights because of the dead battery. Jer pulled Dad's truck for a while, and then he unhooked him, and he coasted down the road using his flashlight as headlights which he would have to drop every time he came to a corner so he could use both hands to steer. Meanwhile Mom's dog got left at the cabin, and Nathan had to drive back to pick him up. I bet the friends that Megan and Lindsay brought home for the weekend thought our family was absolutely nuts. So we all finally made it home from the cabin, even Pockets. On Sunday after church Jer and I were talking about how much we loved Moab, and we were chatting with friends, and walking toward our truck when Sue Brady pulled up and asked Jer to go help the gentalmen on oxygen because he had a flat tire. Jer went over and Raymand Carling was there getting ready to help, but Jer took over, which then gave Raymond and I time to talk over some family history. I love that my husband is so approachable, it feels so much better to be helping others, then to have to be the one needing help. Okay I think that this is my longest blog ever, I hope everyone can understand it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well I TRIED!!!

Well I tried to take fall pictures of the kids, Wow! what a pain it is with out Jer.

I also have this great shot of Payton I am definitely going to save it for blackmail.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I can't get Jer to take pictures of his family, but he loves to take pics of wildlife. Isn't that the same thing? Kids? Wildlife? Well anyway here are some pictures that he has taken from CO to WY.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am a new Aunt

Well I have been since last Sunday, but I kept e-mailing the picture to myself, and it was going into my spam folder, and I couldn't find it. So here it is the beautiful cell phone picture of Crystal Kay Holyoak. I am totally in love with her beautiful long fingers, and her precious face! Thanks Tonya & Nathan, and Congrats too.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Parker's School Picture

Parker's school picture turned out so well. He is such a cute kid. His daddy ironed his shirt, and combed his hair just right. Jer is so cute too.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I guess I should start blogging again!

Well it has been awhile, and a crazy while it has been. We are currently living in Grand Jct. CO and we all love it! (Yeah right). The other day I said to Jer that I wanted to go back to Utah, and I said oh, "I want to go back to Cowboying." I told Jer that I was just fine. Just a quick note of what our family is doing, Miss Payton is in her horrible threes, and Jer and I just don't know what to do with her! She has a kitten, and we are practicing being nice to everyone. Parker just started Kindergarten, and he loves it, especially the bus. I am working at the Red Door Store, I work in the warehouse, and sometimes at the store. Right now I am getting things ready for Christmas. Jer is working for Patterson Drilling in Parachute, CO. He works 14 days on and 14 days off, this is our first full hitch, so we are seeing how it goes. He is happy to being back to just one of the guys instead of the guy looking over every one's shoulders, and I am happy to be back in the money. I guess I will dig up some pictures, I guess anything I find will be new, because I haven't posted in such a long time.
Oh, I almost forgot I am going to be an aunt soon! Nathan and Tonya's baby is coming any day.

Monday, April 9, 2007


We had so much fun this Easter weekend. Megan & Lindsay came home from school on Thursday, and Tori and her friend Katelyn came home on Friday. On Friday we dyed Easter Eggs, and played outside in the water. On Saturday we went to an Easter Primary Program in Paradox, there were about 50 kids there, that is an awesome turn out for Paradox. The kids found a bunch of eggs, I love the Paradox leaders so much! They kept asking if the kids got enough eggs, candy, cupcakes, etc.. Then we went to Moab, and played games! Dad came home and that was so exciting for the kids. We sent the kids to bed and watched The Pursuit of Happiness, a very good movie. I slept next to Jer on the floor, but my sinus got the best of me and I had to climb up on the couch. I felt so bad the the two nights Jer is home I can't even sleep by him. We got up the next morning, and Parker woke up and looked straight across at the chair where Payton's Easter basket was. He then went and told everyone that he was not good and the Easter Bunny had only come to Payton. We finally told him to look around, and he shortly found his basket and goodies. We ate a bunch of candy, and then rushed to get to church. One of these days I am going to talk the Easter Bunny into coming on Friday Night. At Church it was the Blessing of Michael my Nephew. How great it is that Jer is worthy to stand in the circle with all those great men to give Michael a name and a blessing. After church we went to Mom & Dad's and Megan took our family picture. We looked pretty darn good for an after church picture. Then we went to a yummy dinner at Chris & Mikes' house. What fun to sit and talk with all the cousins, and friends.
I almost forgot Thanks MOM! for helping me finish the dresses, there were so many great compliments on them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Jer is wondering what we are up too.

Today Parker really wanted to ride Elmer, so I thought that I was being sneaky and I left Payton inside. I went out and saddled Elmer, and was just about to swing Parker on and Payton came running out with her mittens on and winter hat. I asked her what the mittens were for and she told me that they were to hold the rough reins, and I asked about the hat, and she told me it was her helmet like Parker. Anyway it looked really funny with Parker riding with helmet and Payton riding with a winter hat. I should have taken a pic, but alas we were too busy living to stop and take pictures. The other interesting thing that happened was the water blow out. I noticed a little water bubbling out of the ground and noticed that the irrigation water had been turned on, so I thought that they would fix it. Well they fixed the sprinklers and now I have a geyser in the backyard. Again I should have taken a picture, but I was to busy trying to figure out what to do. Anyway we decided that it wasn't hitting the house and it could wait until tomorrow.

I will take pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back from Mexico

Parker bought a guitar on our trip and so we have been hearing beautiful music all week. We had a great time in Mexico. The kids favorite thing was seeing the dolphins on the pirate ship.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wow it has been a while!

Well it has been a while, because Little Miss Payton broke my laptop and I had to ship if off to get fixed, and it took forever to get it back.

Last night I stayed up way to late doing my our taxes but I am happy to say that they are done, and have been accepted by the IRS. Yeah! I woke up extra early to go and exercise in La Sal, but when I looked out the window it had snowed about six inches, and was still coming down. I went out to grain the horses, and didn't pay much attention, because of the fog.
When I went out to give the horses grain I was missing the stud colt so I started walking the feild, I had a bad feeling, because he would not have gone off by himself. I saw him at the very bottom of the pasture, and I could see his head moving, so I wondered if he had gotten his legs caught in something. When I got to him I could see that he was not tangled, but that he had been laying down for a while. He jumped up and jogged to the other end of the pasture, but not to where the other horses were feeding. He laid down, so I went and got a halter, and got him up. I had Parker bring me towels so I could rub him, and walk him around. He just kept laying down, I tried to get him in the trailer, but couldn't. I went to the Brown's and tried to call Jer, but I didn't get an answer, I tried the vet in Moab, but he was in Green River. I finally called the vet in Norwood, and she couldn't come out, but she did tell me to give the horse 10 cc's of Benamine. Luckliy Redd Ranches had some. I gave the horse the shot, and within the hour he was looking better. I keep checking on him and he is looking better. We will have to see if he makes it throught the night. So now that my whole day is shot, and the kids have totally destroyed the house, I thought I would sit on the couch and write a little.
I want to end on a good note I have lost another half a pound. I don't think that I will lose my goal of ten pounds by the time we go to Mexico because we move our trip up a week, but I will be very happy with the six.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yucky Yucky Snow.

As I was taking Parker and Payton to school, Parker said "Don't you just love snow?" I lied to him and said "Oh, Yes!"
I don't really love snow, I actually hate it. Maybe when the kids get home we will take some snow pics.
I get groucy when it snows so I am doing this fun thing. Do it with me.
A - Available or Taken: Taken
B - Best Friend: I have had lots of friends growing up, but Danalee is still my Best Friend. C -Cake or Pie: Where's the Ice Cream
D - Drink of Choice: Cherry Mountain Dew from Hogi Yogi w/crushed ice
E - Essential item you use everyday: My Hairbush, I can't function w/out it.
F - Favorite Color: I love all colors, but today it is Deep chocolate brown.
G - Gummy Bears or Worms:Which one is covered by chocolate?
H - Hometown: Moab, UT
I - Indulgence: Cherry Mountain Dew for HY, and a dove chocolate
J - January or February: February . . . that is when Parker's B-Day, and Valentines Day
M - Marriage Date: 9-9-99
N - Number of Siblings: 4 older bro, and three younger sisters. I love them.
O - Oranges or Apples: Apples sometimes I really like those little cuttie clementines
P - Phobias or Fears: Knives I hate knives
Q - Fave Quote: The difference between a straight line and a curved one is a smile.
R - Reason to Smile: Jer is really sweet, and I have loads of friends.
T- Talk Radio or Talk Shows-Talk radio - Nightline, Shawn Hennaty sp?
U - Unknown fact about me: I spend way to much time on the computer
V - Vegetable you don't like: Asparagus
W - Worst Habit: Spacy- If I don't write it down I am not going to remeber it.
X-rays: Dental, arm and head when I got bucked off Sunny 1994
Y - Your Fave Food: La Hacienda Taco Tuesday
Z - Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Tag Jer your it.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Today was Today

Payton is all jazzed because I told her that Daddy is coming home is seven days, Yeah Seven.
I woke up a 4:30 am and needed a tums bad! Went and took two, and started to build a fire, oh no the fire will have to wait as I rushed to the bathroom, and there I spent the next half an hour worshiping the Porcelain goodess. Gross. I tried to go back to sleep no luck. IM Jer for a little bit, but I don't think I was making much scence, because he said I should get some rest before the kids got up.

I don't know why Parker has to make all the pics look so painful!

I got a little rest, but today was Payton's first day of pre-school so I wanted to get some fun pictures taken. I got everyone fed, showered and dressed, that took forever, and then we started to take pictures. It was 32 degrees outside, so I wanted to try inside, but I like the natural lighting better. I got a few pics and then Parker started to whine, that he wanted to go to school.

Took the kids to school, and got this really great pic of there classroom. Payton was very happy to have a blue chair on her first day. Parker is slid way do in his chair, goofy boy.

I then went home and spent 2 hours chasing Jer's horses all over the place, and finally got them put up. I then made him buy me a Mountain Dew at the Bedrock store. I then only had 30 mins of free time until I had to go and get the kids from school. So much for three spare hours. I had to laugh at Parker, as I was getting ready to leave the school he said "But Mom you will be all alone!" and I was thinking Yeah all alone when was the last time I was all alone?

After pre-school we drove up the hill to Katie and Troys house, and made complete nuceesses of ourselves. It is good to have friend that you can just drop in on, and chat the afternoon away. Thanks Katie! I finally dragged the kids away at 6:30, and decided that Turkey Potpie would do for dinner. Parker told me "Mom this is the best dinner you have ever made." Well I have to give his regards to the Schwan's man.

Here are a few more of our fav pics.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

When is Jer coming home?

Parker & Payton all clean and ready for church tomorrow

Okay so I am probably a little grouchy because I hurt so bad, I worked at the farm store, and emptied about 15 pallets. The store is so crowded that I don't even think you could tell. But the good news is that Uncle Paul is feeling better, and looking better too.

Anyway today was suppose to be our cleaning day. Yeah right! Jer was giving me a hard time about working with the horses, so I went out and brushed and grained when I feed today, and spent about 2 hours w/ the horses. Of course it was so cold outside that the kids only spent a few minutes outside, and then went back in supposedly to color, when I got back in the house Parkers hands and feet were black from playing in the soot. Anyway I am about to send the horses or the kids to live w/Jer. Probably the kids.

Then I needed to get things ready for a baby shower, (I hate baby showers) but really love my SIL so I need to do it. Anyway getting things ready and I can't get the kids out of my hair. I was like okay it is Saturday find something to do. So I let them help me paint boxes for RS, which made a huge mess, so I am actually not getting anything done, and am very frustrated. I start cooking dinner, and then Johnny comes over to see if I have done anything with his computer. Um no, I totally forgot that I had it. I am so lame. Anyway he then asked if the Branch Pres has gotten a hold of me, and I say no, and he says do you have anything planned for Sacrament Meeting, and instead of saying "Heck No!, I say I can sure come up with something by tomorrow. AHHH Why can't I say no? Well at least I don't have to teach RS this week or I would be preaching all three hours. Payton is having a really hard time falling asleep, and so I am locked in my bedroom writing this blog, I hope she falls asleep soon so I can change the laundry. Can I just say that I ordered some clothing from Old Navy 3 weeks ago and it is still not here, by the time it comes it will be way to warm. Wow I should have labeled this Thread Frustrated, by Debbie Downer. I miss Jer, and he still has 8 more days.
Happy Saturday (that was sarcastic)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Parker is so smart

Today we were talking about Soccer, which Parker has never played. He asked what soccer was called in Spanish and I told him footbal. He thought for a minute, and said "that's funny the football you watch is played w/hands." , meaning American football. I said "oh how do they play soccer?" And he replied "they kick it with their feet." He then thought for a minute and said "but they use their hands too!" I said "How?", and he replied "When they are taking the soccer ball to the game."
He's a thinker!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Parker playing on the computer
Oh was today a long day, but a good one. Today I woke up in my honey's arms, but not because he got to come home, because I went and saw him in Parachute. He is working an extra week this month. Good for the pay, not so good for the family. Katie just booked the trip to Mexico, so we know where all that overtime will be going. Ethan told Parker about the Pirate ship, and Parker is so excited. I ran errands all over Jct today, and barely made it back to Paradox in time for enrichment. I got back to Paradox, grabbed my boxes of stuff, and then went to Beth's to see the kids really quickly, gave them the pink cookies that they love from Sam's. You should have seen Tucker's eyes he was so excited.

Enrichment went so well the ladies loved the project that we did the sat and laughed and talked together, and ate yummy snacks.

Got home and we were getting ready for bed Payton puts on her boots over her sleeper jammies, and on the wrong feet too!
It was a good day.