Monday, July 28, 2008

Do You Have A Little Captian in You?

I found this old picture of Jer. I can't help thinking that he may have a little Captian in him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parker started 1st Grade this week.

Wow how time flies Parker started 1st Grade this week. I am so excited, but not nearly as excited as him. He has a few friends from last year, but not Ethan. So he is a little sad, but still loves school, and all his friends. I am excited that it is Wednesday and I got the fridge cleaned out in time for trash day. Yeah me!!! Lets see if I can find some pictures to post, I am using Jer's computer because mine has crashed yet again. We are all having our yearly well checks, and Parker is a Perfect height, and a perfect weight. Payton is a little nervous about her checkup tomorrow, the last time she saw a Dr was when she was having her staples removed.

Jer and I on Father's Day at Vega Lake (am I really that much shorter than Jer?)

The cutest little boys ever!!! Tavian & Micheal (Tav belongs to Brad & Sheena, and Micheal belongs to Cassie & Levi.)

The kids with their fishing stuff that they got for Father's Day. (Yep that's right our kids got presents on Father's Day. How spoiled are they?)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Cute, Silly Brother

This is a picture of Nathan over the

Memorial Day weekend. We tried to get to the cabin, but as you can see conditions would not allow. This was a day to remeber, although my brother and I are in our late twentys we rolled around in the snow and laughed like little kids. I love you Nathan!