Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jer's going to kill me!

I jinxed myself with the earlier blog this morning, and Jer is not coming home next week. But to Parker Drillings defense Jer needs some 380 hrs of training before his rig can start drilling in Alaska, so might as well get it done now.

A picture is worth a thousand words!
I got so sick of Payton's hair, she always has it in her mouth and cries every time I come near her with a hair brush. So I said that's it you need a hair cut. I showed her the eberling's blog and she loved Adia's hair. So we went and got it chopped. Of course now that we are home I wish that we had gone shorter, but for now it shows off her cute face. The stylist asked me if I wanted bangs and I said no way and Payton said YES the sweeping kind! What? She is such a girly girl. I also tricked Parker and told him that we were just going to have Payton's hair done, but then when we got there I had his done too. He complained at first, but then the stylist said the magic word "fauxhawk!". She had him he would have let her paint his toenails too as long as he got a fauxhawk. Funny boy! I even had to smell his hair after she washed it, oh yummy peppermint.

Parker and Payton were getting there hair cut at the same time and the stylist had to turn there chairs to face each other, because the kept turning there head to look at one another. Silly Kids Gotta Love 'em.

200th Post! Wow Lots of pictures

So I was planning on mowing the lawn this morning, but as the lawn is wet once again I am off the hook. Yay! Jer is suppose to come home next week, but I am not holding my breath. If he does get to come home he will have the 4th of July of which will be a lot of fun. The kids are already planning to set off fire works.
I have been planning to add pictures but just keep running out of time so lets see how I do today.

While spending some time in Grand Jct, CO we went to watch Kivan and Hunter play Baseball. How cute is that Kivan is #6 and Hunter is #9.
We also spent a lot of time jumping on the trampoline, the kids alway want me to take there pictures while they are jumping not the best pictures, but it makes them happy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Father's Day and a mixed up Spring

This little sign in my house says it all!
Just like this little sign we have had a mixed up crazy spring, warmer and nicer weather in April, and tons of rain, wind and cool weather in May & June. I love this little sign, every time I walk by it it is in a different order. I also love that as Payton is learning her letters and they are no longer upside down, she is getting to be such a smarty.
I stayed up way to late the other night making Banana bread for Father's Day gifts. Then next morning when I rolled out of bed this is what I found. Some little monster had eaten the tops of all the loaves of bread; not just one, but all! So any suggestions on what to do for Father's Day would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So sad I just broke my blog!

I remember now why I don't try to update things on here, because I always break it.
I lost my blog list, please post a comment or e-mail and I will add you all again.
P.S. I guess this is why I am Spacey Stacy!
With Jeremy at a training in Anchorage, Alaska I have had a few spare moments to report on the fun that we have had while he was home.
On Memorial Day I had the day off work so we headed up North for the day and then that evening we went to get Jer from the airport. We went to the swimming pool in Provo and the kids had a blast, and I loved how tired it made them.
I love the rash guard swimsuits, I can always tell where my kids are at!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We just can't make up our minds

I know that I have invited everyone to our house the weekend of the 18-22, but Jer won't be here so you don't really want to come do you? Well just so you know the invite to the pagent still stands, whatever day you show up at my house I promise I will drop what ever we are doing and head to the pagent. Well except for the 26-27th that is the day Jer is coming home from the Alaska. We will be home in time to go to the pagent the evening of the 27th. So let me know when you want to go.