Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a great weekend, Happy Birthday to the Holyoak Kids

We spent the week in Gunnison, and Spring City getting firewood for the winter. Thank you Nathan and Tonya for all your help and letting us stay at your house all week long. Friday night we had a family birthday party for Crystal, Nathan, Megan, Lindsay, & Stacy. Then Saturday we headed North to Lagoon. As we were driving the weather just kept getting worse and worse, in my mind I was thinking up things that we could do instead. I called Mom on the cell phone, and she told me that she thought that there would be a cloudless sunny spot over Lagoon. Ha Ha not so, but that is so my Mom always thinking things will work out for the best. So we went to Lagoon, and it was cold and wet, but we had so much fun, I laughed until I cried a bunch. What a perfect birthday present to spend some fun time with my family. I am planning another trip next year so clear your calendars.

This is Tonya, Nathan, Jeremy, Tori, Andrew, and Lindsay on the Cliffhanger. (I don't ride this ride because it makes me scream bad words, and Lagoon is a family place.) I love to watch Jer he runs from ride to ride, and screams like a little kid. At the end of the day he was hoarse from yelling so much.

This is Me, Jeremy, Lindsay, Andrew, and Megan riding the swings. (Gross, I really shouldn't ride this ride.) Jeremy told Andrew to spin around on this ride, and then Andrew got yelled at over the loud speakers. Way to go Jer!

This ride is called Bats, and Parker really enjoyed it. After the we left the park my Mom told me how the ride almost started without Parker bucked in, talk about my stomach dropping. Tori, Tonya, and Levi. Lindsay andy Jer. Megan and Andrew. This ride is another gross one. (It is amazing that I like Lagoon so much when all the rides make me so sick.)

Parker and Michael driving around. This is the craziest ride, it is powered by magnets, and you start out by going straight up four stories, then straight down four stories, but don't worry you only have 4.85 G-forces on you. Then the ride continues on around and spins you upside down. We took Parker on this ride, and thought he was going to lose his lunch, but as soon as he caught his breath he yelled "Can we do that again?!?!", and so we did.

I have to give credit to Levi for all the pictures. Thanks Bro

Sorry this didn't post, and then I sort of fell off the face of the earth for awhile. Here it is in all it's glory.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are packing to go to Gunnison & Lagoon

We are getting everything ready for our move. This week we are going to be getting firewood, and visiting family, and this weekend we are going to Lagoon. Can't wait to see all our friends and family. See ya!

I finally got the picture to load.

So on Sunday I blogged, but only one of my pictures loaded. I then broke the computer, and so here it is.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Look what I found!

While I was cleaning up and packing I found this note from Jer. As I was working at a wrestling tourneyment my senior year. I kept yelling at his little brother for climbing on my truck. Finally my cousin came in and closed the blinds and I forgot about it. As I was getting ready to leave late that night I went out to my truck and it was all wrapped in bright yellow rope. When I got up closer I saw a note and a red rose. Here is the note:

As you can see it got rained on, and at the time all I could think was oh my gosh my truck was parked right in front of the school, and all the people at the tournement saw it. I was so embarassed, and know I think back at how shy he was and what a big thing this was for him to do. What a cute guy I have.

This is a picture of Mandy's 1st wedding. Look how sharp my honey is, and a shout out to what a cutie Bradly is. Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks.

I loved Sister Dalton's talk, I will try harder to have more virture in my life. I also love Pres. Monson's talk today, Let us all press forward. Oh and by the way that new temple in Rome, that would be a great place for my 10 yr. anniversary, anyone want to go with me, because Jer is still being a bum about leaving the country!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Funny things my kids do

We are reading the "Little House" books as a family, and we were reading about building their house. After I finished the chapter I asked Parker how they built their house. I was trying to get him to understand that they didn't go to the store and buy things. So I asked Parker what they used to build their house and he told me "lincoln logs". I bet the Ingalls family wished they had some Lincoln Logs.

Payton loves to sing and dance, she makes up some crazy songs. She loves High School Musical, I don't get it? The other day we were at the grocery store and she grabs some Sara Lee bread, and starts singing and dancing in the grocery store. As I am trying to pry the bread out of her hands she starts singing "But Mom, it's SOOO YUMMY!!!" Pretty much everyone from the surrounding isles come to our isle to watch Payton singing and dancing about Bread, I don't get it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't you wish your were from Alaska today?

I was very worried about the VP debate tonight, the media has depicted Palin as an inferior VP candidate. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well she preformed under pressure. I did feel that it was very unfair for Joe Biden to have to debate a woman, but he did really well also. Not that I would ever vote for him, but I was a little worried that the debate would get ugly because of the vast differences. My favorite line of the night was when Palin told Biden that she was sick of the east coast politicians. Yes! Those are my thoughts exactly. I did get a little sick of the whole "Energy Producing State", but yes that is what I want her to be in office for. Especially because that is where my families interest are at right now. I really do feel that the east coast politicians are to far removed from Potash and Salt mines of Moab, the coal mines of Central UT, and Gas fields of Western CO. So to say the least I was very impressed with Palin tonight, and I hope that the rest of the nation was also. So what did everyone else think?