Monday, January 28, 2008

So sad to hear about the passing of Gordon B. Hinckley

I am so sad to hear about the passing of Gordon B. Hinckley. I am so thankful for everything he did for the church in these latter days. I keep going through the emotions of being sad that he is gone, and then happy that he is reunited with his wife. I keep thinking of his push on Temples, and how he had the temple built in Monticello. How very blessed Jeremy and I am that we have a temple so close, and that we chose to be married there. I am also thinking of him being reunited with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and the other prophets, and can't help wondering what they are talking about?
I also feel bad that Jer and I didn't really talk to the kids about it. I think that we were in such shock that I forgot about talking to them about it. Well anyway I think that we will have a lot to talk about during family home evening.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I am really down in the dumps!

I am having the hardest time being a Mom right now. I am so stressed out by everthing that Parker is doing I am so frustrated all I can do is yell. He pushes me so hard that I find myself not even wanting to be in the same room as him. I still love him, I just really don't like him. It effects how I treat everyone else too, I then start yelling at Payton, and then as soon as Jer walks in the door I am at my wits end with him too.
I don't know what to do differently with Parker, I tell him that I love him and try to talk with him and play with him, and the minute that I turn my back to change the laundry he goes into the bathroom and sprays his Dad's shaving cream all over. I tried to do arts and crafts with the kids today, and let the kids use the scissors. I was trying to watch them very carefully, and they were doing so good. I put the scissors up when they were done, and then Parker came and asked for them later. I gave them to him and he was sitting at the kitchen table. I went to the bathroom, and when I came out he was still sitting at the kitchen table. Later I found tufts of hair from the cat that Parker had cut while I was in the bathroom. What am I doing wrong, should I have stood in the living room and peed my pants?
Okay now onto the husband!!! So I am not a get dressed up type of person, but every once and a while I really try. Well tonight was one of those nights. I hate pork, the smell, the texture, and the taste. Well I made pork chops for dinner tonight. It was just shake n bake, but still eww!! I also made scalloped potatoes, bananut muffins, and steamed brocollie & carrots. So the potatoes and muffins were out of a box, (not the same box;). I also got all dressed up, and did my hair. I put on a new clean shirt, a necklace, and I was even wearing shoes. Jer comes home and starts getting after me about having a new shirt, and new shoes. The shirt was on clearace at Alco, and the shoes were $3.00 at Old Navy, I know, I know I was shocked too!, but it helps that I shop in the little kids section, so sometimes I get awesome deals. So could he have maybe said you look nice, or dinner smells good. No just getting after me for a cheap pair of shoes, and clearance shirt. This is the same guy that went Christmas shoping, and came home with not only one pair of boots for himself, but two. So I dished up everyones' food, got everyone drinks and went into the bedroom to eat by myself.
Okay I have now bagged on everyone, so maybe it is me and not them, But I douth it!!!

I watched a cool show on TV today about flipping houses, it was really neat, I wish someone would flip Pine Lodge.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We really didn't skip Christmas

I just realized that I forgot to post any Christmas pictures, so here goes.
Okay so blogger just pooped out on me so I will try again later.

Payton and Parker opening their Christmas Eve gifts, Jammies as always!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am so upset with Parker lately that it has actually taken me a day or two to cool down enough to post this. On Sunday we drove to Moab to Lindsay's Boyfriend's Mission farewell. He gave an awesome talk. Or what we could hear of it. Payton choose this time to be a big whiner, and to make rude noises. On the way to Moab Parker started a new way to annoy me, (so not hard for him.) He would ask a question like: "How long are we going to live in Grand Junction?" and I would reply "I don't know?" Then not a full minute later he would ask: "How many months do you think we will live in G. J.?" my reply "I don't know?" Then again he would ask a similar question. I finally yelled at him and told him to knock it off. I swear that kid loves to push my buttons. I think he and Payton both love the yelling screaming Mom, better than the fun Mom that likes to play with them. Anyway after church we went to Sue & Danny's house for dinner, when it was time to go Parker started to cry, not because he would miss Carson, but because he wanted to play video games. Okay he is almost 6 yrs. old when does the bawling stop? Then we went to Grandma and Papa's house to play games for a little before we went home. Parker went into Papa's room to watch cartoons. We were sitting in the kitchen playing and we heard a clunk in the bathroom, there wasn't any sound after that so we just kept on playing. A few minutes later my Mom smelled smoke. She went into the bathroom, and Parker came running in from Papa's room, and made a squealing noise like What have you done Grandma. I guess Parker had gone to the bathroom and there was a candle burning, he blew out the candle, and then wanted to lite it again, lit a match and then accidentally dropped it on the floor catching the carpet on fire. He tried to blow it out, which just made the flames bigger, then he picked up the burning match and dropped it in the plastic trash can. Then he left the bathroom, not bothering to tell anyone that he had caught the carpet on fire, or that he had just dropped a burning match into a trash can. When my Mom went into the bathroom she yelled at Parker, and told her that he didn't do it. Stood right there and lied to her face. I believe that I was in shock and sat at the kitchen table during most of this. I finally did get up and put Parker in time out. I am so mad, frustrated, sad, and scared. I am still in shock that he could have burned down my parents house. I am so sad that instead of coming and telling us he choose to ignore the problem, and even sadder that when confronted he choose to lie to his Grandma. We had a long talk on the way home, Parker is grounded from watching TV for a month, and he is doing all sorts of chores to earn quarters to put in a jar to pay for new carpet and a new trash can. I don't know if it did any good or not but I sure do love not having the TV all the time. Okay so this was enough of a vent for today, if you made it through this scrambled post congratulations.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our family just finished our first book together

Over the Christmas break our family read "Summer of Truth" by Carol Lynn Pearson.

It was a little graphic in one spot, but gave us a chance to talk about what had happened as a family. I was a good book, especialy for Parker. Ask him about it, He will get really animated, and tell you story for days.

I broke my computer agian!!!

Okay so in my former life I was a computer geek (before I tried the SAHM stuff) anyway the longer I am out of the loop the harder my computer seems to take it. I have crashed it really good this time. I can get it to boot to windows, but I can't get a task bar. I can't just push the windows button to get the start menu to come up. Well I can push the buttons, just nothing happens. I can open the files on the desktop, but I can't get the system button to work, this is the button that lets you do a system restore (which I hate using, but I think that it is my only hope!) I wish I knew how to start my computer in safe mode, if anyone knows how to start a toshiba satellite in safe mode let me know, I am desprate.

Anyway the good news is I am using Jer's computer so I can finally but things on my blog from his computer I have had many request for the lovely video that I did for Uncle Lyman, so here goes. Oh pits! It can only be 100 mb, and the video I wanted to post was in the kb's. I will try something else. I just want all of you to know that I am sobbing right now, because I feel as if I am loseing all of my real world knowledge, But I do know the line up of cartoons on Cartoon Network! SOB!