Saturday, November 17, 2007

Livin' la Vida Loca

Welcome to our crazy life. So my computer has been broken for the last two weeks, and where as I guess that I could have used Jer's computer to blog I really haven't had time. So I am going to just through some really random thoughts in here and hopefully some random pictures if I remember.

  • Had a birthday and turned 28, oh my gosh I never thought that I would get that old

  • Went to the hospital twice in one week. 1. Our friend Chelsea needed a blessing, and 2. Our very own Monkey girl got and owie, and had to get two staples in the back of her head. And to answer all of your questions Yes they do use a large stapler.

  • I finally called my friend Katie on the phone. Maybe I will get really ambition and call Amy too.

  • I had 5 perfect backups in the box truck. Did I mention that Parker thinks I am totally awesome because I drive a box truck.

  • Parker dressed up as Mr Incredible, and was so cute telling everyone that he had fake muscles.

  • I employed Jeremy at the Red Door Store and got to boss him around.

  • Dad said rude things to me so I said rude things back -- Sorry Dad

  • Made a photo DVD for Uncle Lyman, that I shared with everyone.

  • Went to school on the wrong day to help Parker's class with art.

  • Broke my computer and then I couldn't help Tonya with the announcements I promised to help with. Sorry Tonya!

  • Fell asleep in church, after working 80 hours in one week and then spending 5 hours in the ER.

  • Made the cutest Turkey ever for Parker's class snack.

  • I took Payton to the hospital all by myself to get her staples out. easy peasy lemon squeezy

  • Took the kids to spend the weekend with my Mom & Dad. THANKS MOM & DAD!

  • Jeremy and Brad worked the night shift for the Red Door Store to watch the furniture in the parking lot. THANKS BRAD & JEREMY!

  • Payton was the cutest ladybug ever!!!

  • I decorated 14 Christmas trees in one day, well I had a little help, like 14 other people.

  • I took Parker's snack on the correct day. Yay!!!! Stacy!!!!!!

  • Jeremy carved 4 beautiful pumpkins in one night, and I was even two days before Halloween.

  • Someone broke into our neighbor's house. Luckily nothing was taken, but still very scary.

  • I have cooked dinner the last 4 out of 5 nights.

  • I stepped in some sticky junk at Crescent Jct. and got it on my Mom's floor mats. Sorry Mom!

  • Download a ton of music on Jer's laptop, he was so excited.

  • Parker had a whole day of not going to the office or missing a recess. (11-16-07) Yeah!!!

  • Jer made Parker a mask for Halloween with green eyeshadow. Thanks MARY KAY! Because Parker had a mask Payton had to have one too!

  • Brad broke up with his girlfriend that I really liked. Next time I am going to keep the girl and send Brad packing.

  • Had to get a new charger for my computer, because I keep breaking them.

  • Got invited to my first game of Bunco, and had a blast.

  • Jer started working for Redd's Ranches again. I think his plans include us moving back to pine lodge. Unfortunately I am totally spoiled by garbage pick up, and natural gas line, no tank to all the sudden be empty.

  • I taught Parker's Primary class while he was at Grandma's house, and then the next week I offered to help out any time needed. (It was that bad!!!)

  • My visiting teacher came to the house and Jer was working out in the living room. At Bunco she told all the girls what big guns Jer has. Giggle, Giggle!!!

  • Went to Spring City to see my Niece get blessed.

  • Moved 88 pallets from the warehouse to the store in 3 days.

  • Went to the Manti temple with my Mom and Dad and Tori. I am still talking about how beautiful it was inside.

  • When I drove the kids to Moab, I stayed at Cassie's house talking until 1 in the morning. Thanks Cassie you make life bearable.

  • Lost two pounds, but will probably find them the week of Thanksgiving.

  • Realized that Christmas is less than two months away and I have only gotten one gift.

  • My baby sisters turned 20!

  • Payton and I helped at Parker's Halloween Party

  • My friend Karrie took me to lunch for my Birthday.

  • Daddy carved Payton a kittie pumpkin which she loved.

  • Parker called to come home sick from school, and when I got there to get him he said "Okay lets go to Sportsman Warehouse now." Oh no you don't if you come home from school you straight to bed.

Okay this is it for now. I know that I am forgetting tons. but you get the jest of the last two weeks.