Monday, April 9, 2007


We had so much fun this Easter weekend. Megan & Lindsay came home from school on Thursday, and Tori and her friend Katelyn came home on Friday. On Friday we dyed Easter Eggs, and played outside in the water. On Saturday we went to an Easter Primary Program in Paradox, there were about 50 kids there, that is an awesome turn out for Paradox. The kids found a bunch of eggs, I love the Paradox leaders so much! They kept asking if the kids got enough eggs, candy, cupcakes, etc.. Then we went to Moab, and played games! Dad came home and that was so exciting for the kids. We sent the kids to bed and watched The Pursuit of Happiness, a very good movie. I slept next to Jer on the floor, but my sinus got the best of me and I had to climb up on the couch. I felt so bad the the two nights Jer is home I can't even sleep by him. We got up the next morning, and Parker woke up and looked straight across at the chair where Payton's Easter basket was. He then went and told everyone that he was not good and the Easter Bunny had only come to Payton. We finally told him to look around, and he shortly found his basket and goodies. We ate a bunch of candy, and then rushed to get to church. One of these days I am going to talk the Easter Bunny into coming on Friday Night. At Church it was the Blessing of Michael my Nephew. How great it is that Jer is worthy to stand in the circle with all those great men to give Michael a name and a blessing. After church we went to Mom & Dad's and Megan took our family picture. We looked pretty darn good for an after church picture. Then we went to a yummy dinner at Chris & Mikes' house. What fun to sit and talk with all the cousins, and friends.
I almost forgot Thanks MOM! for helping me finish the dresses, there were so many great compliments on them.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Jer is wondering what we are up too.

Today Parker really wanted to ride Elmer, so I thought that I was being sneaky and I left Payton inside. I went out and saddled Elmer, and was just about to swing Parker on and Payton came running out with her mittens on and winter hat. I asked her what the mittens were for and she told me that they were to hold the rough reins, and I asked about the hat, and she told me it was her helmet like Parker. Anyway it looked really funny with Parker riding with helmet and Payton riding with a winter hat. I should have taken a pic, but alas we were too busy living to stop and take pictures. The other interesting thing that happened was the water blow out. I noticed a little water bubbling out of the ground and noticed that the irrigation water had been turned on, so I thought that they would fix it. Well they fixed the sprinklers and now I have a geyser in the backyard. Again I should have taken a picture, but I was to busy trying to figure out what to do. Anyway we decided that it wasn't hitting the house and it could wait until tomorrow.

I will take pictures tomorrow!