Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wow it has been a while!

Well it has been a while, because Little Miss Payton broke my laptop and I had to ship if off to get fixed, and it took forever to get it back.

Last night I stayed up way to late doing my our taxes but I am happy to say that they are done, and have been accepted by the IRS. Yeah! I woke up extra early to go and exercise in La Sal, but when I looked out the window it had snowed about six inches, and was still coming down. I went out to grain the horses, and didn't pay much attention, because of the fog.
When I went out to give the horses grain I was missing the stud colt so I started walking the feild, I had a bad feeling, because he would not have gone off by himself. I saw him at the very bottom of the pasture, and I could see his head moving, so I wondered if he had gotten his legs caught in something. When I got to him I could see that he was not tangled, but that he had been laying down for a while. He jumped up and jogged to the other end of the pasture, but not to where the other horses were feeding. He laid down, so I went and got a halter, and got him up. I had Parker bring me towels so I could rub him, and walk him around. He just kept laying down, I tried to get him in the trailer, but couldn't. I went to the Brown's and tried to call Jer, but I didn't get an answer, I tried the vet in Moab, but he was in Green River. I finally called the vet in Norwood, and she couldn't come out, but she did tell me to give the horse 10 cc's of Benamine. Luckliy Redd Ranches had some. I gave the horse the shot, and within the hour he was looking better. I keep checking on him and he is looking better. We will have to see if he makes it throught the night. So now that my whole day is shot, and the kids have totally destroyed the house, I thought I would sit on the couch and write a little.
I want to end on a good note I have lost another half a pound. I don't think that I will lose my goal of ten pounds by the time we go to Mexico because we move our trip up a week, but I will be very happy with the six.