Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hank the Jogging fool!!!

Today I finally decided that I felt well enough, and that it was warm enough to start jogging again.  I got all dressed up in my spiffy jogging outfit, and Hank scratched on the door and wanted to come in.  I opened the back door and he saw me and ran and crashed straight into the front door because he was so excited to go jogging.  I thought you might enjoy what a spaz my dog is when he thinks you are going to go running with him.  (Disclaimer:  We live on 40 acres and Hank could go for a run any old time he felt like it.)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fun Story -or not?


I love this hardworkig man, isn't he cute when he is sleeping!!!
Okay here are all the cute pictures from our trip to Cedar City.  "Why were you in Cedar City?" you ask.  Well it is a funny story, or not so funny if you are me!  For Christmas my Dad gave me one of the best presents I have ever recieved a Bosh mixer with a blender attachment.  I was so excited I knew that's what I was getting so I had a whole list of things that I was going to make with it.  On Christmas night after all the festivities we headed to Grand Junction to Jeremy's parents house.  I begged him to bring my mixer but he said their wasn't any room -He always says that.  And because I had just had surgery I couldn't lift my mixer, so I went and said good-bye to it. We spent time in Grand Jct, and then time back at home.  Due to my surgery I was moving extra slow, and had to take down all the Christmas decor before Jer went back to work.  So after it was all down we headed to Moab to pick up my mixer.  We got to my Dad's and I went to get it and it was GONE.  I had a momentary freak out!  Asked my Dad three times if he had really gotten me one, and he said he had so I called Megan.  Now know as Rat Sister.  Rat Sister did not answer her phone, so I called other sister who I am still thinking up a not nice name.   Not nice Sister answered her phone and said she that Rat Sister had taken her mixer home for her, and then her husband informed her that he had packed her mixer in their little tiny car. (Imagine that they had room in their little tiny car for big large mixer, and baby and baby supplies. Hum I am going to have to talk to Jer about this!)  Any way Rat Sister had packed her Bosch and my Bosch thinking it was not nice sisters' Bosch.  I was recovering from Surgery and couldn't drive to Cedar to pick it up, So I had to wait the 21+ days until Jer got back to take me! 
Moral of the story:  If your Dad gets you a really cool gift take it home right that minute, even if he got your not so nice Sisters the same exact present.