Monday, August 15, 2011

Parker Wrestling

Here is Parker wrestling a girl, a really good girl!  She has kicked his butt a number of times, and I would like to kick her parents butts for letting her wrestle.  At what age is it okay for a boy and girl to touch each other that way.  I am all for girl power, but I also want to teach my son to keep his hands of girls for at least a few more years!

Happy Kid that could care less who he wrestles as long as his Mom brings enough money for the concession stand. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Funny Story

Miss Payton can keep us all rolling on the floor with all the goofy stuff she does.  This is at the La Sal Christmas Program in which our whole community comes out for a good show!  Things you need to know:  I can snap my fingers really loud to get my kids attention, Payton has to pee all the time, and I can't stand out of control kids!!!

So I invited my parents and sister Megan and her husband Andrew to come to La Sal for dinner and then to the La Sal Community center to watch my kids Christmas Program.  Jer was late getting home and I barely got the steaks thawed in time.  We ate super quick and headed to the CC.  It was already packed and very noisy.  All the kids are suppose to be sitting in chairs against the back wall, but most of them were running and jumping, screaming and yelling.  So I started talking to all the kids and walking back and forth trying to keep them entertained until the program started.  As I was walking back and forth I was asking the kids if they needed to go to the bathroom.  So then the program starts and I go and sit down.  The kids start to sing and walk down the middle aisle to the front to go onto the stage.  There is Parker in his cowboy hat of course, and right in front is Payton.

Payton starting to squirm!
Payton sitting down with her famous leg shaking!

It took me quite a while, but I finally figured out that she had to go to the bathroom.  So I snapped my fingers and pointed her off stage to go to the bathroom.  She ran off the stage went potty and came back like nothing had happened.  Such a goof ball!!!  I was laughing so hard I dropped my camera on the floor and broke it, but it was so worth the laugh.  Oh man what are we going to do with this kid???  Anyway everyone at the program got a good laugh, and that's what we are here for right!?!?!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Silly Dog

Here is Hank or should I say the princess dog.  How many pillows does one dog need?