Monday, June 17, 2013

The House of Many Colors

Sometimes you find the perfect house in the perfect place.  But since nothing is perfect you soon find that the paint in the house in not your style.  Let me just show you the colors that cover the walls of our nearly perfect house. 
This is Parker's room, can I just say how much he loves the pink and green, and especially the cutsie fan. 

This is Payton's room, notice the cutsie fan.  She is actually a fan of her fan ;)
This is the color of the living room, it is an open concept house and it is open to the kitchen and dining room.  I like the color, but it doesn't transition to the dining room, kitchen and hallways well. 
This is the hallway to the kids room, yep you are seeing that right, it is sea foam green.  (Actually the paint can in the garage says "Mystical Sea" I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.)
Check out the transition sagey green to sea foam, can I just say the lines aren't even straight.  :(
And here is our lovely breakfast nook, that we are going to use as a dining room.  It really is creamsicle orange!
This is our lovely kitchen, I love it! and the yellow walls they make me happy.   
This is the dining room that we will be using as a homework/craft room.
And why yes that is black crackle on the wall, aren't you jealous? 
and the chair rail is crazy high, the person who put it in must have been a giant. 
Here is the prettiest grey in our master bedroom

 And then you look up, and oh no why? Oh Why?
I do have to admit that our master bath is an nice light brown. 

Katie named this the help you go room.  If you don't have to really go once you go in this room, you soon will!
Nothing like dolphin wall paper in landlocked Cedar City. 
Really it is so bright. 
Let's go downstairs!  It can't be any worse downstairs can it??
I was wrong, so very wrong.  This is the basement bathroom, and it is dark, Dark, DARK Green.  Nothing like a dark green bathroom in a basement. 
So Wrong!
So very wrong on every wall!
This is the guest room and it is a lively blue.  Good luck falling asleep in here people. 
This is the other guest room and the room where Parker is staying until I get his up stairs room put together.  It really is a nice green and looks so nice with the ceiling fan. 
Parker's Cowboy room with Red, Brown and Tan walls
So here is Parker's room, I am now painting it colors that I love and that someone else will shake their head at and say "Why?"
Okay if you made it this far, I am all for advice for our new house.  What would you do about the open concept?  Is it okay to have straight line transitions?  What color would you paint the dining room?  Have you ever painted over black crackle?  How did that go?  Have you ever painted over dark green?  What color primer do you use?