Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BP Liberty Project Rig Walking System (This is so cool!)

This is what Jer worked on this spring, it was then loaded on a barg headed to the North Slope of Alaska, and he headed to training. Not his favorite thing, but I am so proud of him, he did all of his homework, and passed all of his classes. No more changes until after the new year!

P.S. Jer is in the orange hard hat starting at 41 seconds. Also the walking system moves 4 feet per stroke and moves 23 tons.

The Internet Fairy came today

Today the internet fairy came and hooked up our internet, it is so exciting I no longer have to pop in on my parents (who I love and deeply thank for letting me use their internet!) or going to the public libary to use there internet only to find out that Jer is not on due to storms on the North Slope! So we are all very excited to have internet again and the first thing Parker did was go to marvel kids and make a comic, I got on and saw all the nice comments on facebook for my birthday, and Jer e-mailed all his work buddies (Payton spent some much needed time in her room cleaning!) So we are back on the internet, getting everything I have been procrasting done, and if you need anything let us know!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Really truely alive and well in Moab.

I told Jer that I didn't want to move back to Moab! Why??? because I am lazy and I have way to much to do here! So if you need anything just call! I really haven't fallen off the face of the earth.