Monday, May 31, 2010

May has escaped me!

May has escaped me, but not worry I am going to have a firm grasp on June. 

Well maybe I am fooling myself, because June is going to be busier that ever.  Mom goes in for a PET scan tomorrow and we are praying that we get good news.  Then the rest of the week is reserved for Lindsay.  We have a bridal shower planned, a trip to the temple, and then her wedding on Saturday.  Plus in the middle of that I get to go to the airport and pick up Jer.  This will be the first time ever that he gets to come home early! 
The following week I hope to only go to baseball and t-ball games! The week after that we are moving back to La Sal, I know we are crazy, but with BP doing what it is doing right now, and Jer working under them we would like to have the back up of R. Ranches to fall back on.  Plus my friends have been driving me crazy to get back to La Sal.  I also may have to have surgery in my mouth again. Let's cross our fingers that I don't cause it sucked, and made me really grouchy that I couldn't eat.  Then the weekend of Fathers' Day we are going to Spring City for the blessing of  Nathan & Tonya's twins.
The following week is Tori's wedding, and after we get done with that I think that we will spend the rest of June napping!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kindergarten Graduate

Payton Graduated from Kindergarten over a week ago, but I am just getting around to getting the pictures up

Congrats Miss Payton we are so proud of you!
 Dad & Mom

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Favorite Faces

This was made with a digi set from my favorite place The Ettes

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun Fieldtrip

Parker had a fun field trip today.  We walked from the school along the walking paths to the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum.  I loved that we only walked a little ways but when we got there the kids were sprawled on the grass like we had marched them for miles.  I loved looking at the the special items and watching Parker get excited about the pictures of his ancestors on the walls.
Parker standing directly under his Great, Great, Great Grandfather and Great, Great, Great Grandmother picture Henry Holyoak & Sarah Ann Robinson.  Who came to Moab via the Hole in the Rock trail.

Parker in front of the oldest building in Moab.

This the Sadie Warner the Art Director of the Moab News Paper, the Times Independent.  I went to school with Sadie and it was so fun to go and see what she does for a living, and does passionately!  She loves her work!  Thanks for sharing Sadie.

Parker eating lunch with his buddies at the Moab visitor center where you can watch a fine movie, or take a short nap!  I will miss it when I go on a field trip and he is too old to hang out with me and offer me his totally squished orange, or hold my hand (ya I will miss that!)  Don't get to big to fast okay! 
We then went to the Rotary Park to play for a while, and then on to the Moab Youth Garden, okay you may want to skip to the end now!  We went to the Youth Garden with a class of 2nd Graders who have spent the day walking and being so good.  We were there at our appointed time, and not a single youth garden worker was there!  Really can I just say "government funded program"!  Wow nice to make a bunch of 2nd Graders sit and wait.  So after waiting about 10 minutes (which is like 10 lifetimes to a 7-8 yr. old) they coming running down the pathway.  They then take us to the place where the kids have planted their radishes, it is a little after 1pm and is completely in the shade, and from the looks of the trees around would probably spend most of the day in the shade.  So she proceeds to tell the kids that she doesn't know why their radishes haven't done very well.  Why are we paying her????  I was getting a little frustrated, and then she was going to take us to something that the kids could eat and as we are walking past some plants sprouting the kids ask what is growing there?  She replies corn to which I turn to Mrs Hefner and say "REALLY DID SHE JUST SAY THAT!"  I am not a master Gardner, but I do know what corn looks like.  AHHHH!  So then she takes us to the mint leaves and that is what the kids get to taste at the garden Really mint, couldn't have tried peas or strawberries, we get mint.  Well she probably wouldn't have been able to find the peas or strawberries, the mint just smelled the strongest!  So then we have to go walk through the hoop house ( I wonder how much that cost?), really we are going to take 2nd graders who have been walking all day and have eaten sugary drinks into a totally hot house!  Two steps in and I felt like I was going to pass out, I can't imagine what the kids felt like.  Many of them said they felt like they were melting.  One last question:  Why does Moab need a hoop house to grow tropical plants?  Don't we have a great climate where we can grow lots of wonderful things????  So glad the government is paying for this and not me!
Payton getting to home base.
Okay now to end on a happy note!  Miss Payton's first tee ball game was a blast to watch, I think I laughed, and clapped and cried on every single play.   On Payton's first time up to bat she hit the ball like a pro and then ran straight to 2nd base.  That's right folks no screwing around with getting out at first, just make a bee line to 2nd.  So they got her straightened out and she ran the bases and when she got to home base she runs in and chucks her hat to the ground.  I don't know what that is all about but it was so dang funny, sometimes, okay most of the time I wonder what the heck is going through that kids' head????    So in tee ball there isn't a winner or a loser, the kids just to bat twice and be in the outfield twice, kind of like two innings, but no outs.  But just so ya'll know the Green Dragons kicked butt, we totally WON. 
Thanks Miss Payton for all the laughs, you truly brighten my day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

HaPpY bIrThDaY

Happy Birthday Miss Payton!
Miss Payton turned 6 this week and we have had so much fun celebrating!
We went to her class to take a yummy Birthday treat and she even got a fun balloon from Dad. 

Parker and his presents for Payton's B-Day (so Spoiled!)
Payton and Daddy opening presents
My stylish Mother one day after her 3rd Chemo treatment.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I have the best family in the world!

When my family gets together we have so much fun!  We went to Cedar City this past weekend to see Megan graduate from Southern Utah University.  We missed Nathan and his family, but are very happy with how well their family is doing!  We drove over Thursday evening and then Friday morning had a nice breakfast, and then the girls watched the kids so I could take Jer out to Bob Ray's Saddle Shop.  I think I will be regretting that decision for a while!  What good people, it was so fun to sit and talk with Bob and his wife Carolyn. 
Then on Friday afternoon we headed to Megan's Graduation where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the "Outstanding History Student".  We are so proud of her.  Then we headed to Wingers for a graduation dinner, we got there just in time, and didn't even have to wait; that makes my Dad happy!
The food was yummy and the company even better.
Jeremy with his Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie, Happy 30th Birthday!
Tori, Lindsay & Carson
The wild and crazy table! 
Dad got us four free ice creams by informing our waitress that we had a two Birthdays ( Mom & Jer)  one graduation and a free coupon.  Way too go DAD!

On Saturday we got up super early and went to Megan's Colleges' Graduation, she is such a trooper to stand out in the cold just to walk in and sit so her family could watch her get her diploma. 
After graduation we went down to St. George and did some shopping, and then headed to a state park for a picnic lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and salads.  Thanks Mom & Dad!
We had so much fun!
Here are some special pictures I took that show the caliber of people that I hang out with! 
When we were on our way up the trail we came to a place where you had to use a rope and some foothold.  We came to this spot the same time as a family with a bunch of little boys and one little girl who was in a baby backpack held by her mother.  Andrew and Jer just jumped right in and started helping the little boys around.  When Andrew asked the mother if she needed help in Spanish she asked him where he served his mission. 
Jer and Andrew took time to make sure that the whole family safely made it to the other side. 
 What great guys!

After our hiking trip we went and got ice cream and then headed to Snow Canyon to hike into a cave made by Lava flow. 
 Okay looking at a picture of it now it doesn't look so scary, but that night I was really thinking I might just sit outside the cave and wait for everyone to come back out.  I am so glad I went though because it was so fun.  When  we hiked down inside there is a big open room and we took glow sticks and broke them apart and shook them on the walls and on ourselves, and then we played hide and seek.  I was so much fun even though my Dad stepped on me.  I can't complain though because I stepped on my Mom's head and Jeremy's head oops!  Did I tell you that it is really dark in there? We had so much fun, but the best were the silly things my kids said while they were the seekers!  "Papa your not very skinny, but you can fit in really small spaces!"  I was laughing so hard that Payton found me really easily, but she was too scared to touch me and had to go get Parker to do it!  Silly kids!  This was the best sleeping night for the kids, they fell asleep right away in the truck and then at the motel we had to force them into there pj's.

On Sunday we woke up to a few inches of snow!  The kids just kept saying it's May, it shouldn't snow!  I know but we are in Cedar City! and I think it snows all year long.  We went to church at the Old Rock Church in Cedar City.  I love this building, it is so pretty.
After church we headed back to Megan's house for lunch and we finally finished the hamburger cupcakes we started a few days earlier. 

Jer not participating in the fun!