Monday, March 31, 2008

Yay angels are singing

I shouldn't be so excited, but I just got released from my ward missionary calling. I loved working with the missionaries, and I got to meet a lot of nice people, but it was really hard with Jer being gone all the time, and it is really hard to find a good sitter here in G.J. So anyway I am now the young adult Sunday school teacher. Yeah, I can't wait to start getting to know the young adults in the ward.

Here are some pictures from Easter

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grandma just did the meanest thing!!!

So my Mom was going to come over tonight and pick up her fabric for the quilt class that she will be taking tomorrow. She called today to say that she isn't going to cometoday, she is just going to come tomorrow and cut out her fabric then. So what's the problem you ask, because she just barely saw us on Monday, and we will see her tomorrow. The problem is that I told my kids that Grandma was coming, and now she is not. Payton has laid on her bedroom floor and asked when Grandma is coming all day, When I tell Payton that Grandma is coming tomorror she says "but I can't wait that long. Way to go Mom, but not to worry I have thought of a way that you can make it up to us: Just give us the quilt that you make at the class! That should fix it!
Love Ya Mom.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Uncle Ollie

On Monday the kids and I drove to Moab for Uncle Ollie's funeral. I like funerals, or well part of them I like that we get to see people that we havent' seen in a while. I also like to to go HOME to Moab, it makes me miss it so badly.

The funeral was very nice, the grandchildren all preformed, they are all so talented. All of my uncles were there. I was hard to see some of the people that I love so much, so much older. I know that that is what this life is all about but Uncle Dale looked like death warmed over. Not that he has ever looked like anything else, just this time it was much worse. I took Payton to the nursery where Amber Knowels (she has a new last name just can't remeber it right now), was watching the kids, Payton ran right in and started having fun. Parker sat w/Grandpa & Grandma. I inbetween Nathan & Carl Tangreen, Nathan is such a boob, and he even rubbed off on me a few times. (Nathan I love you being a boob, don't get me wrong.)

Okay now I am going to go walking with Amy & Lincoln.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wow guess I took a litlle break from blogging

Well I am back now! Jer went back to work last Monday, and I have been crazy busy. The weeks off are crazy busy too. So the first week that Jer had off we had Parker's B-Day party at our house. That was fun we made pizzas, played games, and had cake. It was great I am glad that it is over. Then we had to go to Texas Roadhouse so Parker could sit on the saddle while they sang Happy Birthday to him, because no B-Day is complete with out that! Then the next night Jer and I went out with Sheena & Brad, and Frank & Mandy to Fool's Gold. What a cute movie, and good company. Then over the weekend I got ants in my pants and wanted to get out of town, so Jer drove us too Cedar City to surprise Megan & Lindsay. Lindsay is doing awesome, and really getting to know her roommates, and what's this about her going on a DATE! Megan is all a buzz about her wedding plans, and it was fun to get to know Andrew better. Then we came home for a few days and Bradly signed on his house. How great for him!, not so great for the rest of us who are now doing slave labor. Brad and Jer spent the first day and a half on the cottage cheese ceilings. Oh my goodness what work! Sheena, Stephanie and I got to painting, then I just offered to babysit, because we were spending more time cleaning our kids off than actually painting. Then in the middle of the week we actually had to stay at our own house to clean it for the rental inspection, Jer and I really went to work, and our garage looks great, or did look great, until Jer got his new tool box that was suppose to fix the tool problem in the garage. Oh well next days off. Then over the weekend we went to Moab to help Levi and Cassie pour the footers for their house.

Oh and one other thing happened Redd Ranches called, and asked Jer what was going on. Jer decided that he wasn't going to work for them. I know what a shocker that we worked for them from Oct to Jan, and they didn't pay us a dime. I also asked Steven if he had done any work on the house, and he told me that they had replaced the sub floor. Okay, so I go to the house and the new flooring is in the house, LEANING ON THE WALL. So if that is how you put in sub flooring than that is not where I want to live, but I was still sad. I know I am crazy, not having to live in the freezing cold where my pipes could freeze if I accidentally shut the water all the way off, for two weeks at a time by myself. What can I say La Sal has gotten under my skin, and I miss all the good friends that I have there. Oh well at least I don't have to move. So once that door was closed I decided that I needed to get the kids into some classes. My friend Karie suggested World Gym. I signed Payton up for Gymnastics, Parker for Martial Arts, I think that it is called Sudra Con, but I am not sure, and I go to a work out class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Payton's first day I was suppose to be spotting the girls on the parell bars and I dropped her. She smacked her face against the bars pretty good and immediately got a huge goose egg next to her eye. I thought that she would have a pretty good shiner, but it just faded away. Parker likes his classes and I love the discipline that it is teaching him. I love my classes too, but I hurt so bad afterwards. On Friday I learned that Ollie Knutson had passed away, and was deeply saddened. I wish the best for his family, I will be attending his funeral on Monday.
Okay one more thing, Russ called and offered me a job, and you know me I can't pass up a job, so I will be turning in my app on Monday, so maybe the next time you see me I will be employed. The spell checker is not working tonight so bear with me, do the best you can reading this gobbly goop!

See my kids really can get along, this only lasted a few minutes, but as a Mom I will take what I can get