Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Family Vacation

For our Family Vacation we left La Sal on Sunday evening and drove to Salt Lake City. In Provo Indeyo started puking and didn't stop until about a mile from our motel. Gross way to start out our trip.  I got all checked into the motel and got the kids to sleep and then spent the next two hours cleaning up the truck so our truck would not smell like puke for the rest of our trip.  Then on Monday morning I got up and went to the airport to pick up Jer, sure do love that guy or I probably wouldn't get up at the crack of dawn to drive through lovely traffic!  So I get to the airport and find out that Jer has a cold, oh good a cold to go along with our puking baby. 
Then we head to Ragging Waters for Utah Fostercare Day.  Where I forgot the camera, but we had a great time.  Note to self: If your husband acts sick maybe you should bag your trip to a water park with four kids!
After the water park we went back to the motel and ordered pizza, got some fresh fruit, and veggies and put life jackets on the kids and they spent the evening running and jumping into the pool.  This was my favorite time of our whole vacation, probably because we didn't have to spend the whole day in the truck! 
The next morning we got in the truck and headed North, we stopped at a mall in Layton and picked up a book on tape about Orrin Porter Rockwell, and some fun fingernail polish, because Jer loves it when we paint our fingernails in the truck!  As we headed farther North we listened to the book on CD "Stories from the life of Porter Rockwell" it had some fun stories about Porter and even talked about some of the places that we were driving through.  We stopped at Bear Lake to look at how pretty the lake was, and was later told by some friends that the sandy is the best at Bear Lake oh well!  Next time I will have to try the sandy beach, but I think that if I have to drive that far again I might as well get to go to Disneyland and the Beach!  Hear that Jer?!?!  So then we drove further North and got to Garden City, UT where Jer found the best place for lunch!  It was a cute little burger joint with a really fun little playground for the kids, plus the best raspberry shakes for Mom!  Then we headed to Montpelier, ID where we stopped to see "Ol Ephraim"  the biggest grizzly bear ever taken from the Bear Lake Region. 

We then went to the National Oregon/California Trail Center, it was a very fun place with lots of little displays, pretty quilts and even a traveling show about transportation on loan from the Smithsonian.  The kids like the Railroad display the best.
We got on the road again and headed North a little farther to Soda Springs, ID where we spent the night.  The weather was perfect and we were really enjoying ourselves.  The next morning we got up and headed for Jackson Hole.  We stopped in Jackson and spent a few hours looking around at all the cute shops, but that is too much work with the kids so we got a bite to eat and then headed for the Tetons. 
Just as we were leaving Jackson Jer saw the first of the BIG WILDLIFE that we had come to see! 

Buffalo, and lots of them!  It was so fun to stop and see them, and to be so close so that we could show the kids.  We continued North to see the spectacular Tetons.  It was a good thing Jer was driving because all I could do was stare! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Family Vaca

I hope you know who this is because my kids were so excited to meet him!