Friday, February 12, 2010

Are you on a DIET????

Are you on a diet?  Well if you are don't read any more, just know that I love Valentine's Day.  I have decided that I am a closet romantic, well maybe not because I love everything cheesey, and lovey dovey.  Since Jer is gone I have been doing all the fun Valentine's Day stuff I can to keep myself busy. 
Okay this one isn't so bad, except for all the red stuff is straight sugar.  Miss Payton was so happy.  One bowl of oatmeal, a cookie cutter and some sprinkles.  Bonus when you stir in the sprinkles the oatmeal turns pink!  Equals one happy girl!  Parker thought it was okay ;)

Okay now on to the heavy stuff: 
These are my personal fav's and I only ate one last night when I made them YUMMY.  Today I packed up the rest for the kids classroom teachers. The one left over I gave to the guy that came to fix my heater!

Okay now on to the crazy cupcakes I tried to make.  The cupcakes turned out beautiful, I should have just stopped there.  Then you were suppose to fill them with this marshmellow fluff mixture.
Here is the picture on the website. 
Her is what mine looked like.
I dyed my fluff pink, so my cupcakes looked like they were barffing PeptoBismol.  After that I tried to frost them and that didn't work either, just not the right texture.  The website looks like silk and mine looked like poo, really just like poo!  Oh well I took them to friends house, and they still tasted great.
Here is the website if you would like to try them yourself.