Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm a Cheater

Okay so I am a cheater; a cheater, cheater M&M eater!
I just didn't know I was being filmed.
Okay so not me, my hair never looks that good, but Jer has come home to find me cheating on my diet.
When you have hashimoto's you are suppose to keep your blood sugar level, that's why I do all this eating when I am not even hungry, to the point where it is a chore to eat. When my blood sugar goes up I am more likely to have an attack.  I am allowed one sweetener, xylitol.  But I don't like it, it doesn't bake well and well I am just plain sick of ruining all our food, by trying to create some sweet-free, gluten-free, dairy-free eatable substance.   So one time I ate some M&M's and when I say one time I mean the whole month of our our vacation and the weeks following, but I am weaning myself off of them now.  Like I told Jer I can't be completely perfect!
So yes I do cheat and yes I do weigh heavy some days, have I died, No!  Do I feel better when I don't cheat? YES!  So when I am going to go to a party or something here is what I do.  I eat a lot of good food, then I am not starving and I can think more rationally and steer clear of the goody table.  I also am very good at just having 1 bite of what Jer is having and he is usually nice enough to share.   I also drink lots and lots of water, I find that this leaves little time to cheat as I am already busy using the restroom.

Breakfast:  Hard Boilded Egg & Cauliflower
Snack:  Almond
Lunch:  Leftover tinfoil dinner
Snack: Watermelon
Dinner:  Salmon wild rice with veggies and chicken stock.  

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