Friday, December 14, 2012

What I hate!

I hate that I had to have hysterectomy.
I hate that my Insurance doesn't want to pay for it because I am too young?
I hate that I have small rolling veins that are so hard to get an IV in.
I hate that I have to have a catheter and when I ask to have it removed the nurses all say no.
But the think I hated the very most was that my recovery in the MATERNITY WARD.  Really was that called for?  As if I am not an emotional wreck after having all of my girl parts taken out, knowing that I will NEVER have another baby. 
Anyway on to my Happy List.
I was happy that I have a sweet husband to take care of my.
I am happy that my kids can stop stressing about Mommy.
I am happy that I have great friends that text me and facebook me to see how I am doing
I am happy that all of nurses were very great. and when I freaked out that my arm was swelling she pulled the IV out right then. 
I am happy that I only had to stay one night in the hospital. 
I am happy that I precooked all of the meals so I don't have to stress about cooking.
I am happy that in 6 weeks I will be able to start exercising again.

Maybe when I am off my meds I will write more.


Linda Grawet said...

Awwww Stacy: I am sorry! I miss seeing your smiling face and great attitude.
Take it easy!

Megan said...

I'm happy you had some down time so you could start blogging again. Love you!!