Thursday, October 11, 2012

The is the view I had the Monday after my Moms' funeral, and it was just what I needed.

Crystal holding Kynlee (dosen't she look like a baby doll?)

Payton in her Princess holding Kynlee
Paytons class fieldtrip to Devils Canyon on Hwy 191 in between Monticello and Blanding

 Alex rocking a pink headband!  I love this little family.
 This is Alex at my house, he stayed with me for a week while his parents were checking out Medical schools.  I envisioned myself saddling a real horse and walking it around for Alex to ride a real horse.  Well in real life Alex hated my horses, that is unless he was playing on the lawn and and the horses were  well away from him in their corral. 
Deer on the way home from the cabin on Labor Day Weekend.  Huge thanks to Carson for all the work he did to get the truck and the razor my kids, and the dogs to the cabin and back home while I suffered from a headache.

Parker is really enjoying football this year.

Parker gave Payton his ticket to the Discovery Gateway Museum in Salt Lake City, so we went after we droped Dad off at the airport.

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