Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm that kind of Mom

Everyone knows I am loud.  It is one of those things that I would change about myself in a heartbeat.  Especially now that I have kids.  I don't want to embarrass them, most of the time.  I like my kids to do well, and thrive.  Sometimes, okay most of the time I am frustrated because I am a type A personality, and my kids are cool to just slide by in life.  Ahhhh, don't you want to get better???  I will practice with you, I will put time into it,  I will drill you!!!  Oh well I can't live their lives for them.  Okay now on to the post.  Parker decided to try wrestling again this year, he had wrestled previous years and then taken last year off.  Part of me thinks that he just did it because Jer and I like wrestling so much, part of me thinks his friends from school talked him into it.  Parker has Aspergers, so he doesn't like to be touched, he doesn't like bright lights, and he doesn't like to be yelled at, or loud noises.  So what does Parker like about wrestling, you may ask.  Well he loves the concession stand, his personal favorite is Nachos. Yes cause who doesn't love to sit in an over crowded stuffy gymnasium with you kid eating chips dripping with gooey artifically colored gloop! With no napkins.  I am so proud of Parker for doing wrestling this year even though he doesn't love it.  At the Blanding wrestling tournament I became that Mom!!!  You know the one, the crazy one, I like to think that Jer has rubbed off on me a little bit, so it wasn't as bad as you are imaging.  In the video you will see an awesome wrestler, his mat balance is amazing, what isn't amazing is that his coach was coaching him to rack up points on Parker.  It is one thing to do this in practice, it is another thing to do it in a tournament.  It made me so mad, does this other coach know how hard it is to get Parker to the tournaments, and how hard it is to keep him there once the tournament starts.  So after Parkers' match I talked to the coach, pretty sure it was his Dad.  I was super duper nice and I tried talking him ahout just going for points on a kid with Autism is pretty cruel. I tried to tell him that there is a place for practicing and that he could see that Parker was not on the same level as his kid.   He was quite rude to me and told me that he can't help it that his kid is just good.  Yep your kid is awesome sir, it's your coaching that is lacking.  I was so hurt, everything is such a struggle at our house, from getting dressed in just the right clothing, that don't rub your body anywhere, to eating just the right the food, to never sleeping, hardly ever! Not to mention when Parker decides that he is going to go to a tournament, and then freaks out all week because he has to wrestle.   Yep sir your kid is just good! (and my heart is broken.)  So hear in the match with the really good kid. 
So after I get after this Coach/Dad, he goes up and apologizes to Jer.  Really cause Jer just totally put himself out there for our son.  Oh well at least he apologized, and then at the Farmington Tournament Parker wrestled the kid again and it was a much better match.  I am sorry that I had to get a little snarky, but if I made this coach think about the baggage that other kids are bring to the mat, then maybe it was worth it to be a Mama Bear. 

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Katie said...

Good job Parker! And good job Mama Bear. I really admire that about you. I always just keep my mouth shut and then bawl all the way home.... and every time I think about it for the next month...or two. At least you did something about it.