Thursday, November 3, 2011

When our Cabin had a Sun Roof

 Every year my Dad has a terrible time with the stovepipe on the cabin.  The snow sweeps it right of the cabin.  It use to just take the stove pipe, but then my Dad had a better chimney jack made, but Mother Nature said take that and ripped the new chimney jack completly off the roof and left our cabin open to the elements.  Leaving us with this lovely sun roof, well not really we had to cut the roof open wider to fix it.  At least he tied himself off, but I 'm glad that Jer wasn't there he would have had a fit!  Everytime we would hear something hit the ground we would all cringe and pick someone to go check to see what had fallen.  Nathan and Dad rigged up a new heavy duty chimney jack, I hope that Mother Nature likes it and dosen't rip half the cabin off this year. 
 Carson building with the girls.
 Pretending not to see Aunt Stacy
 Our new sun roof, from the outside.  That is a long way off the ground. 
 New bow from Grandpa and Grandma!

 Nathan's cute dog that came up missing shortly after this picture. 
 Parker shooting high.
 Lindsay beading with the girls

Lots of fun!


Katie said...

Parker didn't shoot the dog did he? That could explain how he came up "missing" :)

Spacey Stacy said...

No Parker had nothing to do with the missing dog, it's a sad story. I'll tell you sometime, it has a happy ending.