Sunday, October 23, 2011

That's Right I have very own Personal Photographer!

So Thankful for my super friend Katie, if it wasn't for her I would only have 2 out of focus pictures of the whole season.  Which Parker wants everyone to know that they are undefeated!!!!  We played the 2 Moab teams twice, and the 2 Blanding teams twice, and were rarely scored on.  The weather was mostly good, we did get rained out in Blanding and had one snowy night in Monticello that I tried to get Greg to call, come on they hadn't even gotten near our goal at night.  I only had to sing "Love at Home" once, which Jer promptly shut me up.  I was also going to bribe Parker $5 to tackle someone, but Jer assures me that next year he will have more fire!  Well I am holding him to that or I am going to start offering Lego guys for tackles.  (Then the other team won't have a chance!)  Loved watching the kids play, but also loved when the season was over so I could quit my daily drives to Monticello.

PS  Huge shout out to our wonderful coach  Randy LaRose.  I love his coaching style, especially after hearing the yelling from the other teams coaches.  The things that you would hear from our sidelines were:  Honor, Integrity, etc....  He made me want to be a better player, person, and parent!


Lindsay said...

Haha it sure is easy to spot that skinny little guy. tell him not to put on the pounds so that aunt lindsay will always be able to easily find him. We miss you guys, you should come visit!!!

Megan said...

I wish I could have seen him play! That is so cool that his coach is like that. Miss you guys!!