Friday, November 12, 2010

Not so good family tradition

I have a not so good family tradition of not taking Halloween Pictures!  Every year we get caught up in the momment and forget to take pictures.  This Halloween lasted forever, from the 1st day of October the kids were bugging me to wear their costumes.  Then we planned for the school PTO Fall Carnival, which turned out great and was so fun. But again no pictures.  So Friday the kids headed to school oh so sad because they didn't get to wear their costumes.  But not to worry that afternoon we partied like rockstars!  Then we did the trunk or treat which works so well in La Sal and got loads of candy, and were in bed by 9 pm!  Then Saturday we drove to Cedar City so we could party with Megan, Andrew, Lindsay, Carson, and my Mom who is having her radiation in Cedar.  We went shopping and to a quilt show whle the boys stayed at home and carved pumpkins!  I really do have the best brother in laws. Then Lindsay and Carson took the kids trick or treating then we sent them to bed and ate their candy and played games.
So this is the only picture I have of us in costume  opps, but we had tons of fun.

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Lindsay said...

I think that Mom took a picture of at least Payton in her costume. And you mean you have the best brother in lawS. Will we be seeing you for Thanksgiving?