Saturday, April 10, 2010


So I finally purcased a new camera, and I even took some pictures, but then our computer got a viruse and I had to start all over!  I thought I had just recently backed up my pictures, but I had actually only backed up one photo  (BOOO!)
So in all my lameness here are our Easter photos:

We usually hunt our Easter Eggs and then play baseball with them.  I guess we weren't into hiding them cause we went straight to hitting them this year.  I love how everyone is flinching in all he pictures!  Never know quite whats coming at you after you pitch the egg, maybe the egg, maybe just egg gooeynees from the bat.  Anyway we had a really fun Easter, but missed Jer like crazy!  Even my Mom said I miss Jer at Easter, he dyes the best Easter Eggs!  We love you Cowboy, Thanks for working so hard for our family!